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It will definitely help you. You will be able to read articles, listen to the words, learn words and also search them.

List of the activities:

1. You can find a word in diverse Languages from English to Urdu, Urdu to English and many more. You will learn a new word, definition and synonyms of that word. It will increase your vocabulary and you will be able to translate a word in any of the above Language you desire.

2. Word of the day will help you to improve your vocabulary. You can listen to the word, find synonyms (same meaning) and also usage of that word.

3. Article of the day will help you to read articles online. Find difficult words search them, see their usage in a sentence and learn them.

4. You can also find the day in history that what happened in past, it will improve your knowledge and you will be able to understand the importance of that day in history.

5. Find birthdays of popular people.

6. You can find news, read them and also improve your reading and writing skills.

7. There is Quote of the day, you will learn many quotes.

8. Spelling bee provides you solve difficulty level and how to spell a word in easy, hard and expert way.

9. Match words with their synonyms, it may help you memorizing words with their synonyms.

10. By hangman you can play a game by guessing words and also can learn a new word.


Click the link to learn a word in your desired Language.

Word of the Day

Article of the Day

This Day in History

Today's Birthday

In the News

Quote of the Day

Spelling Bee

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Match Up

Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. When finished, click Answer to see the results. Good luck!



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  1. I'm Hassan Javed, I love ur website n it is very nice.